I remember it like it was yesterday…

I sat with a friend one evening; it was not an evening unlike any other evening. We reminisced about old and new things, our wives, children...our hopes and dreams.
We’d both been researching different beers and had managed to convince each other that we should expand our tastes. At the time, we were both cheapskates and would settle for the commercialized, low alcohol beer. We reached a point at which we decided to split the cost of a more expensive beer, and the consequence was a higher alcohol content.
As the conversation drew to a close, I set my beer down and commented, “These evenings seem to go quicker with stronger beer.”
“I know - I remember the old days, when we would have to drink a six pack of the cheap stuff in order to get our evening going!” he replied.
“Exactly,” I chimed back, “We would end up feeling just… fat and bloated.”
“And to top it off, we’d still be sober!” he chuckled.
We laughed together, slowly sipping the rest of the beer that night.
I muttered under my breath, “Fat, Bloated and Sober… I don’t want to feel that way again.”
So it happened, after a night of sipping the nectar of the gods, I came to the realization that I was tired of cheap thrills and temporary highs. Though I cannot pretend to know exactly what permanence is for everyone - it would seem that every individual needs to discover it for themselves - this is my journey of discovery toward those things that are not simply circumstantial or fleeting, but are lasting, fulfilling and life-giving.
Here’s to those things that do not leave us feeling fat, bloated and sober.